Hydroblasting uses a stream of water to clean and polish the parts being processed. A fine glass media is used with the water to flow over the surface of the item and results in a much smoother finish than the dry blasting process. Filtered water in a closed system is used along with a rust inhibitor. It removes dirt, tarnish and oxidisation in a non destructive way and gently peens the surface to close the pores of the metal. The result is a satin polished look sometimes better than origional finish which is resistant to dirt, fingerprints and tarnishing.

This process is well suited to the automotive, aircraft and motorcycle restoration industry, any machinery parts, die cleaning and refrigeration parts.

It is suitable for :

Stainless Steel
Cast Iron
Plus many more

After hydroblasting we recomend you proceed with plating, painting or suitable process to inhibit rust soon after blasting as our rust inhibitor is a temporary measure. We take great care to dry and air clean all parts but it is important for the customer to ensure no traces of media residue remain before reasembly of any parts.

Our blast cabinet is 1200mm x 900 mm so we can handle larger parts with no problem.

1950 Ducati carby - before & after
1950 Ducati carby before  
1950 Ducati rocker covers - before & after
Porsche rocker covers